KMB / T-shirt / KM-2302T005 / White / Drop



Description of item

Kota Miura apparel brand "KMBShort -sleeved print T -shirt white combining a drop logo and katakana logo.
Each product comes with two tricks.
Acrylic stand will be presented for those who purchase more than 16,500 yen (tax included) in Japan, over 15,000 yen overseas!

・ Domestic shipping, 550 yen (tax included)
・ Overseas shipping costs are calculated when checking out.
・ About tariffs
When shipping from Japan to Japan, customs duties may be required depending on the destination country.
This cost will be borne by the customer.

Product name KMB / T-shirt / KM-2302T005
Color White
Material Cotton 100%
Country of origin China
Product content 1 T-shirt + 2 trading cards (random)
Laundry method When washing, please turn it over. Wash the dark and White and light items separately. Please dry immediately after washing. Do not iLong sleeve t-shirthe print part. Avoid excessive friction to the print part.
Description of item KMBA short sleeve print T-shirt that combines the classic logo with paint touch and katakana logo. The graphical logo design that incorporates street essences is one piece that seems to gather the surrounding gaze. Recommended not only for training and sports, but also for casual daily use. The bold logo design that feels personality can be a good idea even if you wear it with a single piece. There is no doubt that it will be useful as a leading role in coordination. Loose sizing can be worn in unisex, and it has a relaxed trend style. Clean White and chic Black, two monotone colors that are active in all kinds of coordination. It is a perfect item as a styling accent.
Model details Height: 168cm / T-shirt wearing: Size 1