KMB / Hoodie / KM-2401C033 / ALIEN / Black



Description of item

KMBA mysterious alien hoodie given by! A playful design hoody, a big alien that is boldly printed on the front. It is the first place that adds a playfulness to the coordinates. It is a black hoody with an oversized silhouette with a feeling of trend that has a relaxed body width and drops its shoulders moderately.
The bright neon color stands out, and the different world design adds spices to the coordination.

Each product comes with two tricks.
Acrylic stand will be presented for those who purchase over 16,500 yen (tax included)!

・ Domestic shipping, 550 yen (tax included)
・ Overseas shipping costs are calculated when checking out.
・ About tariffs
When shipping from Japan to Japan, customs duties may be required depending on the destination country.
This cost will be borne by the customer.

商品名 KMB / フーディ / KM-2401C033
カラー ブラック
素材 コットン 70%・ポリエステル 30%(裏起毛)
原産国 日本
商品内容 フーディー 1枚 + トレーディングカード 2枚(ランダム)
洗濯方法 濃色物と白色・淡色物は、分けて洗濯してください。プリント部分への過度な摩擦はお避けください。