KMB / Bucket HAT / KM-2302A002



Description of item

Kota Miura apparel brand "KMBBucket hat black with one point of the logo embroidery on the front. Outstanding compatibility with T -shirts.

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Product name KMB / Bucket hat / KM-2302A02
Color Black
Material Cotton 100%
Country of origin China
Product content 1 cap
Notes If you have an abnormality on the skin, do not wear it immediately. This product cannot be washed because it emphasizes design due to the characteristics of the Material. Please note. If it gets dirty, wipe it off lightly with a wet towel, shape it, then dry it. Don't layer or leave it with other things while wet with water or Crewneck. Please note that it may be pollution or discoloration. If dust or dirt adheres, brush it gently and remove it. Do not rub or catch it with the sharp point. It may cause pilling (pills). When storing, store it in a state of less moisture as much as possible and dry it in a well -ventilated place. Please be careful about the involvement of strings, belts, etc. and catching. Color may be transferred due to water wet, Crewneck, friction, etc. Please avoid contact with light colors. Do not get close to fire or high temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places. Please keep this in a safe place.
Description of item KMBA bucket hat with one point of the classic logo embroidery on the front. It is a recommended item for casual daily use that is perfect for accenting coordination. The design claims firmly while being simple one point,KMBlogo. It is used not only for training and sports, but also in a wide range of scenes such as leisure, festivals, and outdoors. The design that can be worn by unisex can create a sporty feeling just by making a daily dress. It matches the rough pants style, as well as a street style dress. For dresses and skirts, for women's styling.
Model details Height: 168cm / Cap Wearing: Size Free