11/25 (Sat) Kota Miura will be released at a special item at the 1st manager event!

"Limited quantity and tailor -made stadium" is the appearance of "Melton material" is cute, and the fast -paced melton material is used, and the sleeves are environmentally friendly fake leather. 

"Bailed stadium" isBase color with cute saxophone blueNew character✨A little rabbit is designed behind.

The main feature is that you can freely choose the number designed on the sleeves!

11/25 (Sat) Kota Miura On the day of the 1st store manager event, you can see the real thing and try it on, so please try it.

Please check the cute limited stadium at this opportunity.🐰❣️



 [Product information]

Product name:KMB Made -to -order stajan (Limited quantity / order production

Size development: Size 1 / Size 2

Sales amount: ¥ 44,000 (tax included)

Scheduled delivery: After mid -December



November 18, 2023